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Huntress, warrior, scout, guard; Redlance´s lifemate, Tyleet´s mother, probable daughter of Brownberry and Longbranch (deceased) Age: About 500 years old, mortal Soul name:Twen

How such a bundle of yang impulses could come in such genuinely feminine wrappings is one of Nightfall´s pleasant paradoxes. She wouldn´t think twice about downing a bear with only a dagger in hand. Yet this is the maiden who dances naked by moonlight with Leetah and any other Wolfrider who care to join in. This is the maiden who yearned so for motherhood that she had Leetah induce Recognition with Redlance.As a warrior, Nightfall is trusty, uncomplicated, brave to a fault, and highly aggressive. As a nurturing influence, either to Redlance or to her hard-won daughter, Tyleet, Nightfall is tender, tolerant, and encouraging. She allows her loved ones to be what they must and does not tout her way as the only way. In her greatest act of love, Nightfall was able to lower the last of her personal barriers and give her soulname to Redlance, calling his forth in return. Nighfall is definitely alpha to her lifemate. When she says "frog", Redlance jumps. However, Tyleet and Nightfall´s age difference is now so slight that their bond has changed from one of mother/daughter to one of deep friendship. Born almost at the same time as Cutter, Nightfall is more than her chief´s closest female contemporary. She truly adores him, and for a while, she, Redlance, and Cutter were a threesome when Cutter´s family disappered into the future (see Book Eight).

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