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Daughter of Cutter and Leetah, twin sister to Suntop Age:15 years old, mortal

Gamin, pixie, sprite-mix these in a pot with a dash of hellion and you´ve got the spicy brew that is Ember. Just recently initiated into the pleasures of joining by Mender, the Sun Folk´s healer, Ember is at that delicious teenage stage where all of the joys and none of the burdens of young adulthood are hers. Always an upbeat, cocky, and playful kid, she´s "Daddy´s girl" all the way. Ember is destined to be chief of the Wolfriders someday and tries to emulate Cutter in many ways. She tends, however, to be thoughtless and careless at times, which causes the Wolfriders some inconvenience. Ember has never been shy about speaking her mind, even when sha hasn´t had that much to say. She can be goofy and distracting during council meetings, causing the Wolfriders to take her less than seriously-which is a mistake. Surprisingly, Ember has a high degree of deductive reasoning. But she tosses off her observations so casually that it´s easy to overlook the wealth of logic hidden in that apparent, bubble-brain. Without realizing it, she´s a good detective and puzzle-solver. Her sense of humor leans toward the mischievous, and she´s every bit as hot-tempered as Cutter. In fact, father/daughter clashes are commoplace these days. Ember is like a yearling wolf testing just how far she can push the alpha male. She knows her aggression is OK, that the whole tribe, including Cutter, subtly encourages it for it is part of her preparation for leadership. There is not, however, a mean bone in Ember´s body. She would not willingly injure anyone, physically or emotionally, and she would go to the limit to defend loved ones from harm. Ember always sounds a positive note, even when things look blackest.

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