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Stargazer, keeper of the lodestone; brother in all but blood to Cutter Age: Technically somewhere in his 40s, immortal (genetically altered) Soul name:Fahr

Orphaned at birth by the death of his parents, Shale and Eyes-High (see Hidden Years #5), Skywise is our resident Peter Pan. While his tribe has aged some five hundred years (see Book Eight), to Skywise less than twenty years have passed since the first quest began. Alone among the Wolfriders to choose immortality, he is feeling his first "outsider" twinges. Yet he happily knows that he now has an eternity in which to exercise his most outstanding trait (yes, that one too!): curiosity. Cheerful, witty, devil-may-care most of the time, Skywise has a dreamy, thoughtful side when he contemplates the stars. Though he has a made remarkably scientific observations about how the universe works, he still thinks it´s all "magic" because it´s more fun that way. Once a little older than Cutter, Skywise served as advisor, confidant, and close friend to his chief. Now, due to their substantial age difference reversal, Skywise is still Cutter´s cherished sidekick and advisor-but more like a clever younger brother. Skywise has yet to experience Recognition and doesn´t relish the prospect, for true parenthood represents a bit more responsibility than he fancies. (One child of his produced outside of Recognition, Yun, is known-see Hidden Years #2. Others are highly likely.) His closest bond is with Cutter with whom he shares soul names.

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