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Healer, gatherer; Cutter´s lifemate, SunToucher´s daughter Age: About 600 years old, a young immortal

Born in the idyllic, Shangri La-like Sun Village, Leetah´s rather smug and safe existence was permanently altered by Recognition with cutter (see Book One). Sharing her lifemate´s rugged lifestyle has changed her from a coquettish, willful princess to a conscientious and loving spiritual leader. While her potent healing powers are often in demand, given the Wolfriders´ dangerous environment, she has learned not to overdo it as she once did with her own Sun Folk. Still exploring the unknown limits and moral ramifications of her powers, Leetah helps when asked or when it´s a matter of life and death. Otherwise she checks her natural compassion with the knowledge that a certain amount of hardship builds strength and character. She is an intensely sexual presence, flirtatious and sensuous-every inch the classic elfin nymph who dances by moonlight.Retaining much of the gracious and refined manner of the immortal Sun Folk, she´s accepted "The Way" and become a peaceful warrior, knowing that her beloved Cutter and tribe are mortal by choice.

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