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Hunter, warrior, "kinseeker"; Chief of the Wolfriders.

Age: Around 500 years, mortal Soul name: Tam

Cutter became leader of the tribe as a teenager following the death of his chief-father, Bearclaw. Initially a young visionary whose seat-of-the-pants style of leadership was formed by a rapid succession of extraordinary events, Cutter is now confident and decisive in most matters. He has the flashes of temper and humor of his father, but his ability to get himself centered and clear comes from his mother, Joyleaf. Nowadays he perceives the simple Way of the Wolfriders as being threatened by a shrinking habitat and by a marked increase in usage of the "old powers" by such gifted elves. When confronted with a new situation (an almost daily occurrence for him in his perpetually tumultuous reign), Cutter will consult the tribe, then take his best guess as to how to proceed. Only major mistakes make him beat himself up. He´s a classic "responsible child" ACOA type. In his immediate family, Cutter finds both his greatest strength and his Achilles heel. Parted from them, he feels not quite whole and will move heaven and earth to be reunited with them. Although his devotion to the Wolfriders has only increased over the years, he is not quite as democratic and people-pleasing as in his youth. This causes occasional friction with other assertive tribe members. His lifemate, Leetah, can usually wrap him around her little finger.

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